Walking with the Bereaved

I saw this today on the Grieving Mothers page on Facebook. I thought it would be good to share. It was originally on grief toolbox.com. As the holidays are beginning to close in on us, it might be helpful to copy it or print it and share with family and friends. They really cannot understand unless they have worn our shoes. Instead of getting frustrated and angry at their clumsy efforts, lets educate them on what is helpful. Our society does a very poor job of preparing us for grief and teaching us how to respond to and interact with a grieving person. This is sad because everyone will grieve at some point.


One thought on “Walking with the Bereaved

  1. Very important for others to know about. I wish I had no use for them, myself…but life is about death, too. It just is. Thank you for posting this. I think I will send it out in an email to those I know. xo

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