Memory Quilt

It’s a dreary, quiet, cool Saturday in Alabama with steady rain. I’m feeling very lazy today. I think my puppies feel the same because they have not protested at me lying in bed most of the day.

As I drift in and out of a light doze, I have come to a decision on what to do with my son’s clothes. I gave his best friend some shirts that he wanted, but I’m left with a number of items that I really hate to part with or donate. I am going to make a memory quilt. My son was a tall, large man, so there will be plenty of material. I am excited about this idea and have spent the past hour or so googling memory quilts. I have also posted on my Facebook page, and on Donald’s FB memory page, a status asking for tips and ideas.

It has been some time since I have sewn anything. I never did like making clothes, but I always liked using my sewing machine to make crafty things. I especially like being able to sew in a straight line. Curves, gathers, darts, zippers, buttonholes, armholes, sleeves….all these things make me crazy. Straight lines and simple stitches are for me.

This is likely to be a time consuming project, but I have plenty of time. The decisions to make now will be: the clothes I want to use, the size of the quilt, whether to make smaller lap quilts or throws so my mother can also have one, and what I will use as the backing. I also need to determine if I am going to add photographs to the quilt. I’m not so sure about that. It would probably take me longer to choose the photos than to make the quilt!

What do y’all think? Has anyone done this or have you sent your material to someone to be made into a quilt? How did you decide what to use and the size? I feel like this would be a very soothing thing for me to make and to use. I will always have something he wore to keep me warm.

3 thoughts on “Memory Quilt

  1. A wonderful idea….I have not parted with any of Brandon’s clothes…I wear different shirts of his to bed. A quilt is very useful and special. It is a way to always have Donald hugging you.

    1. I gave his best friend some of his favorite shirts. But, the other things, I just hate to donate and I don’t know anyone who can wear them because of the size. I have put it off for a long time, and I’m happy to have decided on a special use for them. I sleep in some of his tshirts and baseball jerseys.

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